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Are you interested in Java, Javascript, Chatbots, Blockchain, Low-code, Cloud Native, Data Management, Architecture or Integration? Then check what career opportunities we can offer you!

01 | Years of enthusiasm

Colabo continues to grow, just like our services and our customers. This makes it possible to evolve quickly, both in a team and individually. In order to get even stronger results with our customers and to achieve further growth, we are constantly looking for new talent.

02 | Technical innovation

Your colleagues are eager to share their knowledge with you. Thanks to our partnership with Oracle, we are always on top of things. We are faster than light in trying out new things. This way, you continuously expand your knowledge in addition to your own expertise.

03 | Driver of your career

At Colabo, we alway put people first. We do everything we can to let you learn and grow in what you want to become. This means you can define your career path at your own pace with our support. So that you’re always enthusiastic to come to work!

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Our values

At Colabo we think in solutions and we believe in collaboration.
We stand for openness and clarity, both technologically and personally.

Honesty is the cornerstone of our organization.
Our people stand with their feet on the ground, but may dream of their own career path and effectively achieve it.

Colabo offers the support that is needed to become an authentic Oracle guru.

Passion runs through our Oracle veins in everything we do.

Always looking for new talent.

Are you looking for a new challenge, but you don’t see the job you are looking for with us?
We are always curious about your story, so don’t hesitate to apply spontaneously!


    Finding a great internship is often a true search!
    At Colabo we have lots of interesting projects waiting for you.
    You even get the chance to participate in real customer projects
    and build up business experience in addition to the technical aspect.
    Feel free to drop by for a chat and we’ll see which project you like.

    Colabo supports you in every step of your digital career.