Colabo: fully unburdening the Oracle customer

Colabo: fully unburdening the Oracle customer

Colabo is the new name under which Contribute and Exitas bundle their Oracle expertise. Colabo’s goal is clear and ambitious: covering the Oracle stack from infrastructure to customized applications by means of a single point of contact. Colabo: fully unburdening the Oracle customer.

Over the past 25 years, some companies from De Cronos Groep have become renowned Oracle experts. Each and one of them for a specific segment of the Oracle universe.

Contribute grew to be the main Belgian player for application development on Oracle technology. Exitas, on the other hand, became the leading Belgian company for services related to the Oracle database and infrastructure. As from now, Contribute and Exitas are joining forces to provide a broad Oracle one-stop shop under the banner of Colabo.

“Within De Cronos Groep, various companies are focusing on different parts of the Oracle stack,” says Pascal Van Meerbergen, managing partner at Contribute. “Often, a strong cooperation already exists between these parties,” says Peter van Spaandonk, managing partner at Exitas. “With Colabo, we want to further streamline this cooperation, better coordinate it and provide it as an integrated set of services.”

Of course, clients will continue to work with their trusted partners. But Colabo will make it easier for them to access to a broader range of Oracle services. This way, Colabo reacts to the demand where the Oracle experts within De Cronos Groep are more and more confronted with.

Wide, deep, local


“Sure, the clients still want point solutions,” says Peter van Spaandonk. “But – at the same time – they want to better integrate them into a larger entity.”

Besides, Oracle also guides this evolution. In practice, Oracle is much more than just a database nowadays. By strongly relying on the new products and (cloud) services from the Oracle ecosystem, Colabo supports companies that want to expand their field of action within the Oracle ecosystem.

The maturity of OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) has speeded up the idea for Colabo intensely. “The time is right,” says Pascal Van Meerbergen. “Meanwhile, on the IaaS market, OCI is on a par with AWS or MS Azure. Within this context, Colabo wants to position itself as the biggest managed service provider for OCI.” With focus on Oracle PaaS, with solutions related to AI chatbots, blockchain, no-code development, and more.

This way, Colabo covers a great part of Oracle stack which is unique in Belgium. From infrastructure and middleware, to customized applications, security, license management, maintenance, etc.

“This makes us the first Belgian player who’s able to provide a complete Oracle service portfolio,” Peter van Spaandonk emphasizes.

Colabo proudly covers the entire Oracle spectrum: ‘wide and deep’. And also, important: ‘local’. “Our experts work in Belgium,” says Pascal Van Meerbergen, “not in Poland, Romania or India.” This gives Colabo a strong advantage on the Belgian market. “Our experts know the Belgian market and the Belgian companies through and through. We are familiar with their needs and we know how to respond to them. We do this with our experience in Belgium; not with some American management model.”

Colabo: fully unburdening the Oracle customer


However, if the clients can find all Oracle services at Colabo, does this mean that they will have to rely on Colabo for everything?

“Of course, not”, says Peter van Spaandonk. “Clients can work together with whom they want, with Colabo partners or others. The companies from De Cronos Groep joining Colabo also keep their individuality and autonomy.” The main advantage lies in the freedom the Colabo model stands for. Because Colabo offers it all: analysis, advice, implementation, project management, maintenance, etc.

“Who wants the full package, can rely on us,” says Pascal Van Meerbergen. “But we also offer the customers the freedom to choose. From infrastructure to applications, completely in-house, entirely as a managed service and anything in between, on-premise or in the cloud. Everything is possible!” Colabo clearly opts for complete unburdening. ‘Flexible and pragmatic’ is the best way to describe Colabo’s approach. But above all, it is ‘complete’.

“We are the only Oracle partner with a fully managed offer for cloud infrastructure”, says Pascal Van Meerbergen. “And this throughout the entire solution lifecycle.” The fact that Oracle is focusing so hard on the cloud nowadays, ensures that the technology will also be accessible for the SME. After all, Oracle applies an interesting pricing model, according to which companies don’t have to pay for the data traffic running through the cloud.

“This is also one of the assets that we are introducing on the market via Colabo,” concludes Peter van Spaandonk. “We consciously bundle the know-how with which we provide the clients with the best solution. And by that, we don’t only focus on the technology, but also on prices, licenses, security and so much more.”

Oracle expertise in elk van ons

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