Contribute en Exitas bundelen hun Oracle-expertise

Contribute and Exitas bundle their Oracle-expertise

Contribute and Exitas bundle their Oracle expertise with Colabo

Colabo is the new flag under which a Contribute and Exitas bundle their Oracle expertise. Colabo’s goal is as clear as it is ambitious: to cover the entire Oracle stack via one central point of contact.

Contribute (application development) and Exitas (database and infrastructure management) are trusted names in the Belgian market of Oracle users. Over the past 25 years, they have built up tons of expertise under the wings of De Cronos Groep.

However, many Oracle specialists are working within the group. They alle focus on one or more parts of the Oracle stack. Colabo aims to bundle that expertise.

“There is already a good cooperation between the Oracle experts,” says Peter van Spaandonk, managing partner at Exitas. “With Colabo, we want to further streamline this, coordinate it better and offer it as an integrated set of services.” The client will keep on working with their trusted partner. But he will have easier access to a wider range of Oracle services through Colabo.

Unique Oracle partner

“The market demands this,” says Pascal Van Meerbergen, managing partner at Contribute. “Because Oracle is so much more than just a database.” Colabo therefore focuses strongly on the new, innovative products and (cloud) services from the Oracle ecosystem.

With Colabo, Contribute and Exitas position themselves as the largest Belgian managed service provider for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle IaaS). Equally, Colabo also focuses on Oracle PaaS, with solutions such as AI chatbots, blockchain, no-code development, etc.

This way, Colabo covers the biggest part of the Oracle stack: from infrastructure and middleware, to customized applications, security, license management, maintenance, etc.  And this is unique in Belgium. Colabo aims for complete unburdening of the client, with support from Belgian experts. Flexible and pragmatic, as they say, but above all with a complete range.

Also for SME

The fact that Oracle puts so much focus on the cloud today means that the technology is now also within reach of the SME. Oracle uses a pricing model where companies do not pay for the data traffic that flows via the cloud. Colabo has not missed that evolution either!

That is also why Colabo is now pooling its Oracle expertise. In order to be able to offer its clients – including SMEs – the best solution. Not only in the field of Oracle technology, but also in terms of price, licenses, security and other related issues.

Contribute and Exitas combine their Oracle expertise with Colabo. Because together we can do more.

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