Mazda Motor Logistics Europe (MLE) is a logistics distribution center that supplies parts to 2,300 European Mazda dealers from Willebroek. They do this through 22 national sales organizations. National importers can also turn to MLE for IT and financial services.

Mazda uses Oracle and Java technology to build software solutions. It is also putting increasing focus on mobile applications. That’s why Mazda perfectly matches the strong expertise of Contribute. We interviewed Jef Oltenfreiter and Bram Bruneel, respectively Manager IS Development and Java team lead at MLE.

The project

“It is a project with a lot of challenges. We combine different technologies in a development track. This means you need teams with different expertise. So there are more challenges than you expect in a classic project, due to the higher number of variables and environmental factors. Nevertheless, the project is generally going very well and we have already had some successes.

The Siebel e-dealer project is an example of this. With Oracle Business Intelligence we are now in the UAT phase. Here we have effectively linked the SSO and we strive to start production in the near future. E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Transportation Manager (OTM) will follow at a later date. “

Oracle as a strategic choice

Mazda Corporation has an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) with Oracle. The corporate strategy stipulates that for new implementations they must provide modern, structured total solutions.

In other words, if there is a package that meets their business needs, they will implement that particular package. If specific automotive processes are still not supported, they will develop this support themselves.

Mazda Corporation decided to work with uniformed Oracle systems. The Oracle packages add value to large organizations. This global strategy is trickling down to the regions.

As from the corporate level, it was decided to work with Oracle and has also been implemented regionally, this also works in the opposite direction. For example, at MLE they recently have purchased Oracle Exalogic and Exadata. They want to store as much of their data in this as possible. In a first phase they will put in their entire Oracle stack. Then they will add their legacy applications.

At the moment they are still unique at Mazda Motor Logistics Europe (MLE), but if it works successfully, chances are that other regions such as America or Asia will adopt this way of working in the future. The different regions regularly meet for consultation and knowledge sharing.

Partnership in mutual trust

We have been working with Contribute for two years now. The partnership we have built is very productive. Contribute thinks along with us, involves us through workshops, seminars and events. And they always meet the needs of our business.

They are always proactive in their pre-sales and show that with sincere dedication. The consultants do everything they can to understand our needs and then respond to them with the right solution. That is extremely valuable.

We have also built up a strong relationship with Contribute for our Java applications. We use their consultants for important operational applications in specific business departments. These are real developers who at the time moved the second development department from Leverkusen to centralize the IT department.

At Mazda we think long term and Contribute has proven several times that they support this vision. That is very important to us. There are still many challenging projects in the pipeline at Mazda. With Contribute as a partner, we take on these challenges with complete confidence.

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